Luey Lu aka Luey Lahgix aka Numbah 4 aka Scrappy Lo

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Luey The 4th/Scrap Lo

Luey The 4th also known as Scrap-Lo is a hip-hop artist, poet, and actor signed to Thirstin Howl the 3rd‘s Skillionaire Enterprises imprint. Born in Bronx, N.Y to Dominican parents where music is a big part of their culture. Luey was exposed to all types of music at an early age. By the age 15 he got deeper into his poetry as a form of expressing his thoughts on paper.

Inspired by the very music he loved so much Luey quickly began writing and perfecting his new found love for rapping and performing. Calling himself Lu-Struggz he began networking and working with different artist and producers throughout Miami. The lack of hip-hop venues in the south made him decide to move to NY the home and birthplace of the culture itself. He got down with an up and coming hip-hop collective known as Future Chamber they dropped “The helmet Heros” project and followed it with “The Bi-Polar Mix tape”. Then he began working on his solo album. While working on his project they were approached by Popa Wu to be a part of his 10th Chamber super group and they released Popa Wu’s “Vision of The 10th “chamber pt.2”. Due to internal and creative differences Luey left the group and decided to purse a solo career.
He began by reinventing himself and starting all over fresh from scratch changing his name from Lu-Struggz to Luey The 4th and began working on a new solo album. Now an official member of the Lo Life Miami Family he’s proven his versatility.