Dj Exes - The Tektoucher


Dj Exes Tha’ Tektoucher:

DJ Exes was born on the Island of Puerto Rico. His formative years where spent back and forth between New Jersey and Florida. It was during this constant transition that he began honing his skills as a DJ/MC. Having moved back to “Jersey” after Hurricane Andrew he received a pair of “Gemini” turntables for Christmas from his mother. Almost a year later, he hustled up some money and got Technic’s. After graduation, Exes attended some College but it wasn’t until Full Sail School for the Recording Arts that he obtained an A.S. in Audio Engineering. After this maturing experience DJ Exes moved back to “Jersey” where he worked for Footlocker by day and interned at NYC’s own Unique Studios by night.

It wouldn’t be long before Exes moved back to Miami. There, Exes, friends Stats, and Dee-Soul began a morning show. The “Breakfast Club” aired on Blaze 104.7. This was Miami’s first all latino morning show to play “boom-bap” hip-hop. Around that time this DJ spun everywhere in and around the magic city. Later Exes teamed up with JBishop to create the FocusGroup730 on Real Dj Tv; an internet radio station who’s listeners numbered in the thousands. Exes has since continued to push his lyrics and mixes through various avenues. As an Emcee he teamed up again with longtime friend DeeSoul to form German Regime. The duo released two albums, “Pork Chop Hill”, & “Double Headed Dragon”. As a Dj and member of the Vinyl Addicts crew, alongside Miami’s own boombap king, DjHeron, he opened up for too many artists to name.

DjExes is a member of the LOLIFES Miami Family and received his “L’s” from LOLIFES founder Thirstin Howl the 3rd. Alongside The General LO he created a series of mixtapes collectively known as “Salsa Breaks”. A mix of classic Salsa songs cut, scratched, and blended with spanglish lyrics over famous Puerto Rican rhythms. DjExes is not only a Dj/Emcee he is also a recording engineer. This triple threat engineered, arranged, and wrote for the “Polos & Palm Trees” album that featured other LOLIFE Miami Family artists. With plans which include a solo album in the near future he has recently teamed up with Keytalife to flex his lyrical skill again. The 2nd joint venture aptly titled ExesKeys Volume2 was released on 5/14/2019 and features a video directed by BoxLO of GoldBox films.

Musically inspired by the Golden Era East Coast experience he now considers himself a 305 representative who’s love for skill knows no bounds. A wise man knows he knows nothing is the motto he lives by and Music is his life.

Peace, Love, and Loyalty. Salute me proper… #2LsUp #MiamiFamily