Thirstin Howl the 3rd

Of Puerto Rican Decent the self proclaimed, Skillionaire and Polorican from the Marcus Garvey Village in Brownsville Brooklyn. Thirstin Howl the 3rd has consistently and independently manufactured movies and albums for almost two decades.Utilizing the internet’s’ social networks and underground distributions he has established a global fan base and toured the world. Branding his own imprints SKILLIONAIRE enterprises and SKILLUSIONS films where he released projects for both the English and Spanish markets.cBeginning as a production assistant at MTV for several years he went on to becoming a writer and cast member for the MTV “Lyricist Lounge Show”. Later on Thirst went on to producing and starring in his own cooking program “Jail Recipes”. His flood of music videos are shared and viewed all over blogs. Mr. Howl demonstrates unlimited imagination, versatility and creativity in everything he does.
With all his albums incorporating a title that includes the word “Skill”. TH3 is considered “one of the greatest punch line rappers” to be heard.

A Thirsty fiend for Hip Hop beginning with Graffiti and Breakdancing in the early 80s. He earned the September 1997 “Unsigned Hype” spot in the Source Magazine. As well as teaming up with Eminem for the Rap Olympics in LA that same year. Also known as Big Vic Lo one of the original founders of Lo-Lifes and originator of the name Lo-Lifes. (Brooklyn kids from the 80’s who dressed in high fashion brands that were shoplifted)

His Lo-Life Polo down (Ralph Lauren) Lifestyle has become a Hip Hop cultural stamp for fashion. Influencing and spawning never ending generations of Lo heads everywhere. Founded more than 25 years ago the Lo-Lifes movement is a recognizable Hip Hop organization like the Zulu Nation and the RockSteady Crew. The Lo Lifes are credited for a lot of the pioneering and evolution of street fashion in New York City their story has been featured in countless publications.


DjExes – Bury Me With the Lo On (The Soundtrack to the book)

Bury me with the Lo On - The book

Bury Me With the Lo On (The official Soundtrack to the book)- DjExes

Official soundtrack to the book by Thirstin Howl The 3rd and Tom Gould. Featuring interviews, archival pictures, and recent portraits of key players recounting how a group of kids in Brooklyn went on to influence mainstream rap stars and birth a movement of boosters and collectors of Polo worldwide. Buy the book now!