“Freedom” is from the “Rushed Again 2” album. Video filmed & Edited by: CTRAFFIK

About the Song:
Like pretty much all of my songs, this one is based on true events. Namely, the dreaded act of being “pulled-over” by the police for breaking some random victim-less road crime. It feels like its more of a shake-down for government revenue than actually keeping the roads safe. After 9/11 the U.S.S.A is becoming more of an ape-shit police state and these armed goons have been known to murder and even seriously injure the cattle (citizens) of this country. Just go on YouTube and search “police brutality” videos and you’ll get the idea. My point of this song is that the priorities of the law enforcement are all wrong. Leave us alone. We want freedom. Go solve some real crimes. But if you do get pulled over… stay sharp, don’t make the cop feel threatened in any way, your safety and freedom could depend on it. Please share it with your friends if you agree.

About the Video:
The video is grimy and chaotic because it was shot in the same manner, stalking the police “Cop Block” style at night. All of the encounters and footage are legit. The cops started fucking with me and I pulled out the camera and started spitting my verses for this track. The lyrics are based on a true story, why not have the video be the same?
In all honesty, defend your rights when you encounter a cop, stay safe and stay free. Peace!!

(CopBlock.org was NOT involved in the making of this video, I’m just giving them a big shout-out for the work they do. Check out your local chapter to help out)

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God give me freedom, some kind of freedom,
I want to live my life in peace
I don’t want lip from the fucking police
I just want to chill, God, just chill when I creep
I’m saying, God give me freedom, some kind of freedom,
I want to live my life in peace
I don’t want lip from the fucking police
I just want to chill, God, just chill when I creep


Traffi coming through, Creepin in my ride,
Till I hear the “Woop Woop” and I see them lights
Yeah they wanna fuck with you
Cuz they got the time, and they got them nines
Look out from behind!
They aint serving and protecting, they’re more like tax collecting
Cuz they issue more tickets than they do solve crimes
Murders and rapists? They don’t want those guys
They’re looking for pot smokers and jokers sniffing lines
Now I see em walking up to my car from side
I got my ID out to identify
My hands on the steering wheel in plain sight
Music turned off, quiet as a mime
Cuz you see I’m not a threat, I wanted him to know this
Cuz like dealing with a baboon please don’t provoke him
He stands behind my window, hand on the pump
“Do you have some ID?” so I hold it up
He grabs my card slowly, hand by the holster
“Do you know how fast you’re going?” — Psssht — I shrug my shoulders
Not a peep, no self-incrimination,
Every time you talk to police it’s an interrogation.


Back in my ride tell no truth and tell no lie
He said step out the car, and slowly I comply
Keep my mouth shut, homie, cuz I aint talking
I rolled up the window closed the door and I locked it
If he wanna search my car he gotta dig in my pockets
“And I don’t consent to no search of my property”
He said it doesn’t matter he gone call a K9
To come sniff my car for ‘Cane and St. Ides
And I don’t give a fuck I got nothing to hide
I’m just trying to prove a point, I’m trying to draw the line
I don’t see no victims here, I don’t see no crimes?
Nothing’s been committed here, nothing has occurred
He just picked me out at random to harass me on the curb
Go and solve some real crimes, fucker, leave us all alone!